Litmus Chemical Co.,Ltd. produce the Non-Toxic Crosslinker for Powder Coatings in Korea for the first time


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Title Hydroxyalkylamide for use in TGIC free polyester powder coatings. Date 2019.05.31 14:32
Name litmus chemical Note 7121
Hydroxyalkylamide for use in TGIC free polyester powder coatings.

PCA-501 is a curing agent suitable for the production of exterior durable polyester powder coatings.

It has the characteristics of low toxicity, no irritant to skin. good weather durability etc.

The chemical structure of PCA-501 is hydroxyalkyl amide.

PCA-501 based powder coatings that gave improvements in the following areas:

- Optimization of chemical reactivity

- Improved flow and levelling

- Improved degassing and film smoothness

- Higher film build capability


The toxicological profile of React PCA-501 is identical to first generation technology. As with existing beta-hydroxyalkylamide products, this crosslinking agent offers the benefits of being completely hygenic to work with. Further, powder coating formulators have the security of knowing that this technology can be used without the concern for future legislative restrictions.

2011 PCA-501 ROHS.pdf

Additives for HYDROXY ALKYLAMIDE coatings.pdf

Additives for PE-PCA-501 powder coating.pdf

Measuring the Reaction Kinetics of Polyester PCA-501_HAA_ Powder Coatings.pdf

PCA-501 inform sheet ADDITIONAL BOOK.pdf


PCA-501 PCA-560M TECHNICAL BRIEF-Health and safety information of HAA.pdf

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