Litmus Chemical Co.,Ltd. produce the Non-Toxic Crosslinker for Powder Coatings in Korea for the first time


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Research and Development

The technical innovations in the field of fine chemicals never ceases and thus advances more rapidly than in other industries. The R&D program supplements the process control and optimization technology that enables Litmus chemical Co., Ltd. to supply top quality base materials to clients at home and abroad. The R&D efforts allow Litmus chemical Co., Ltd. to provide the public with more practical uses of processed chemicals as well as increasing the quality and application processes of our fine chemical line of products.
Another facet of the center is the operation of the " Test Pilot Plant. " This program researches theoretical concepts whereby the research activities and data that are collected are implemented throughout our production process, keeping us ahead of the competition. The development of special purpose derivatives in high-molecular materials by blending and compounding products, we offer our clients with diversified products that are differentiated of its characteristics to suite their specific need. One of our primary concern of research utilizing polymers products and derivatives is the development of high value-added fine chemical products and intermediates. In particular, comprehensive research is being conducted on the development of specialty chemical catalysts used in C1 chemistry, hydrogenation, oxidation, and others. Further studies are under way to develop a more cost effective and efficient methods of producing specialty chemicals.
With the ongoing R&D program and efficient plant management through advanced process control and optimization technology. the company supplies the highest quality base materials to our clients at home and abroad. By developing special purpose derivatives in addition to offering new materials and other value-added materials, Litmus chemical Co.,Ltd. will emerge as a dominant force in the next millennium.